Agricultural Products (Fertilizer)

Company Profile

Sylvite Holdings is an Ontario-based provider of agricultural products and services. Agrium is one of Canada’s largest fertilizer manufacturers. Cold-Springs Agri-Services was the second largest independent fertilizer distributor in South Western Ontario. Sylvite and Agrium Inc. each owned 25% of Cold Springs Agri-Services.

NewPoint’s Role

We were an advisor to Sylvite Holdings Inc. on the buyout of the 50% it did not own in Cold Springs Agri-Services Ltd. Acquisition and working capital financing was raised for this buyout by NewPoint.

Transaction Snapshot

Sylvite and Agrium sought to acquire the remaining interest in Cold Springs to increase their respective ownership interests to 50% each. Subsequently in 1999, NewPoint assisted Sylvite in acquiring Agrium’s interest Cold Springs Agri-Services which contributed to Sylvite’s strategy of increasing its market share in the Ontario market.

Acquisitions and MBO's

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