Sporting Goods

Company Profile

ITech is a leading hockey equipment supplier based in Montreal, Quebec. Its facial shields, helmets and goalie masks are recognized as the premier choice among NHL and other players worldwide. The company gained its leadership position through innovation and achieved significant, profitable growth by levering its dominant niche product positions to offer a full-line of hockey equipment.

NewPoint’s Role

NewPoint was retained as exclusive financial advisor to assist the Company in refinancing its existing capital structure to properly fund its growth prospects and business plan. NewPoint played a key role in establishing a new banking relationship for the client, as well as securing a tranche of longer-term, patient capital.

Transaction Snapshot

As with any company experiencing rapid growth, ITech faced a dilemma whereby traditional bank lines of credit secured by accounts receivable and inventory, no longer provided the company with the resources adequate to support the growth of its business. As a result, ITech needed to consider new forms of financing that would alleviate the pressure placed on its line of credit. NewPoint developed an optimal capital structure for the Company that made use of longer-term capital allowing it to realize its targets and take advantage of opportunities in the market.


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