Kem Oil Limited


Fuel Transportation

Company Profile

Kem Oil Limited is a fuel trucking business that was founded in 1965. The business has grown to cover the entire province of Ontario and has trucks operating in every fuel terminal in the province. Known for its quality of service and safety record, the Company transports fuel for several major national and regional companies, including Canadian Tire Petroleum, Husky Oil, Pioneer Petroleum, Loblaws, Canadian National Railway and Suncor Energy.

NewPoint’s Role

NewPoint was retained as exclusive financial advisor by the owner of the Company to sell the business. Given Kem Oil’s niche market, a small group of strategic buyers were approached. NewPoint played a full role which included management of the due diligence process and assisting in the negotiation of all related closing documentation. A key value-add of NewPoint was working with tax advisors to help structure the most tax effective way for the vendor to sell the business.

Transaction Snapshot

As a result of approaching a select group of potential buyers, the business was sold to a strategic entity. The buyer, RST Industries Limited, represented an ideal succession as it had customers in common with the Company and is actively developing a material footprint in the fuel transportation business.

Selling a Business

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