Facilities Management

Company Profile

Koprash is a provider of building management services to governments and private businesses located primarily in cities and towns in Northern Ontario. The Company provides cleaning, armoured car and parking services.

NewPoint’s Role

NewPoint was retained as financial advisor by a team of successful Toronto-based businessmen with the intent of purchasing Koprash and another company simultaneously - see Investigative Research Group ("IRG") transaction profile. NewPoint was responsible for price and payment terms negotiation, as well as developing the appropriate capital structure and raising the necessary financing from VentureLink Funds to fund the acquisition.

Transaction Snapshot

Koprash was acquired with the intention of combining it with IRG to enable the realization of significant synergies. The purchasers brought to Koprash a sophisticated approach to growth that formerly was not present. A key element of the transaction was to develop a purchase price structure which continues to motivate the former owners who remain in key management positions.

Acquisitions and MBO's

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