MPI Packaging



Company Profile

MPI is located in Mississauga, Canada and specializes in providing stretch blow molding of polyethylene terephthalate (“PET”) bottles in various sizes and for various applications such as cosmetics, liquor, food products, motor oil & oil additives, carbonated beverages and water. MPI is principally focused on delivering customized packaging solutions to customers with low or medium volume requirements.

NewPoint’s Role

NewPoint was engaged as exclusive financial advisor by the Company to raise long-term capital in order to provide partial liquidity to the principal shareholder and provide capital required to finance planned strategic initiatives and growth.

Transaction Snapshot

NewPoint developed a capital structure that balanced the cost of capital against the business requirement for longer term capital. Due to significant time constraints, NewPoint approached a short list of lenders and investors that were pursuing investments of this nature. Ultimately, the company raised a tranche of sub-debt under an accelerated timeline that returned some capital to the principal shareholder while achieving managements’ goal of structuring a patient balance sheet.

Acquisitions and MBO's

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