Produce Distribution

Company Profile

Based in Toronto, Ontario, NAPB is a leading importer and distributor of premium fruit including table grapes, stone fruit, citrus fruit, and berries serving retailers and grocers across Canada. Operating from the Ontario Food Terminal, the Company imports fruit from Chile, Peru, South Africa, the US, and many other countries to ensure a robust supply of year-round produce.

NewPoint’s Role

NewPoint assisted the Company with all aspects of evaluating, negotiating, and closing the transaction.

Transaction Snapshot

NewPoint and North American Produce Buyers' shareholders evaluated international financial, strategic, and hybrid investors as potential acquirors of the Company. Ironbridge Equity Partners were chosen as the successful bidders. NewPoint played the lead role in negotiating the key transaction terms, worked closely with the Company’s management to facilitate the due diligence process, and provided advice on all closing documentation.

Selling a Business

was sold to