Company Profile

Triam was a Tier I and II supplier of plastic mouldings to the automotive industry. Products produced include painted bodyside mouldings and rocker panels, exterior plastic components, interior mouldings, decorative trims and enclosure applications.

NewPoint’s Role

NewPoint was retained as exclusive financial advisor by Tiercon Holdings Inc. to assist in the purchase of the Triam Plastics Division. NewPoint played a key role in all negotiations involving the purchase, as well as, in securing the appropriate financing necessary to complete the purchase.

Transaction Snapshot

The Triam transaction was the third acquisition in a roll-up strategy for which NewPoint was financial advisor. This acquisition stirred the interest of a U.S. public company, Noble International, executing a similar strategy. Noble purchased Tiercon concurrent with the closing of the Triam transaction.

Acquisitions and MBO's

acquired the operations of